£99 Starter Kit

Stampin' Up has been in my life since I was 13, from searching online and finding demonstrator use such fantastic skills and aiming to be as good as them! 
After 5 painful years waiting to become a demonstrator I signed up on my 18th birthday in October 2011, I haven't looked back.

I'm part of a huge, friendly and caring known as "The Pink Ladies!" headed by the lovely Michelle Last #1 UK Demonstrator and now my own team of 'The Mini Mayhems'. I'm never alone, with so many other demonstrators and Stampin' Ups own help line which once you know Chris you'll love him! And that's only part of what I can offer you. You will have access to a large amount of information which I have collected to give you the best start to your journey. But most of all you get me, I will be a phone call or an email away at any time you need me.

By joining me you get to become one of my 'Mini Mayhems', and for joining me you'll receive my token geek chic glasses which you will be able to wear at any party or event to show people you are part of my team. along with this you'll receive a notebook and a card from myself, these could be used in you displays, for inspiration or even to simply use. This is only offered from myself, other demonstrators may or may not offer anything extra on top of the starter kit and not done my Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up wants you to join with all the crafty which is why they have changed the starter to an amazing £99 and you get to choice what you want! How amazing is that? And with the starting £99 out of the way for £130 worth of product you will then be given 30% off your orders in the first month and then 20% for the rest of your time as a demonstrator.
I understand that times are hard for everyone at the moment but investing in Stampin! Up allows you to experience so many exciting to new experiences!
Please Click Here for the PDF explain a little more about the kit.

If you would like to talk to me about what you have read here and would like more details about becoming a Demonstrator please contact me on the information available.
Or if you like to sign up straight away please Click Here to join.

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